Blow Sofa

A collapsable blow up sofa…cool concept, but a bit excessive with supports and accessories? The blow-up, minimalist concept is great! The reference to natural, recycled, packaging material is a bit of trend: The sofa is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags with a metal rack and rubber straps. It is easy to transport when flat and […]

IKEA as a family attraction

An LA Times article documents Beijingers’ visit to IKEA. Families drive hours to visit the famous IKEA store, but not because of the well designed, DIY assembly furniture. They’ve come to experience the lifestyle and enjoy themselves in an air-conditioned space, where purchasing something is not necessary and their kids can jump and play on the […]

Reclaimed Wine Barrels as Furniture

Not all that environmentally friendly when the Etsy seller StilNovoDesign imports reclaimed materials from France to manufacture furniture in California. Beautiful work, nonetheless. via IDSA Materials and Processes