“a matter of taste”

Italian photographer Fulvio Bonavia has some amazing photographs compiled for his book “A Matter of Taste” combining fashion and food. Words won’t do it justice. Take a look at the photos, using food to create fashion accessories and products: via Toxel

Shanghai Tang

If you don’t know about Shanghai Tang, (in addition to the Chinese translation of Shanghai’s Bund), it’s a high-end fashion brand that uses traditional Chinese design to influence it’s lifestyle and fashion products. Shanghai Tang is the first luxury brand emerging from China. Its design mission is to revitalise Chinese innovation and to interweave it with […]

graphics + fashion: thething

Founded in 2005, a local Chinese graphics and t-shirt company called thething has some unique streetwear graphics. I like. Our goal is to design clothing and products that are innovative and aspirational, yet affordable. The inspiration for our designs comes from our daily lives and we try to infuse each product with a unique sense of style and […]

Shanghai: no pajamas in public

The Chinese are trying to become more ‘Westernized’? Or ‘modernized’? Instead of accepting pajamas in public as part of the culture and allowing foreigners to see a different lifestyle, is Shanghai attempting to suppress the daily living habits of their local citizens? The wearing of colorful, boldly-printed pajamas in public has been popular in the […]