hang your umbrella here

This umbrella rack was in a restaurant to that keep your umbrella safe while you dine. Meeting a need:

clever pottery: coffee mugs

A clever way to keep the spoon out of the way when trying to drink from your mug! (But does the handle of the spoon get wet from liquid dripping?) Lovely, regardless, for the novelty.

flagged umbrella

A tour guide with her flag and umbrella.. clever and inventive way of combining the use and function of 2 products:

trash collector

This is a pretty handy trash receptacle.. the worker can wheel the container or carry it on their shoulder, like a bag. And the lid automatically opens because it’s secured to the handle, which makes it easy to sweep trash and debris. I wonder what would be different about this scene if the product were […]

restaurant buzzer

Many of the restaurants here have call bells at the table with corresponding buttons to call for waitstaff service. I’m not sure if it allows for better or worse service. The ‘ding-ding-dong’ sound can be easily ignored, making it difficult for customers to get service. Or it can be great, attentive service when needed as […]

living hinge fork

I’m starting to realize that some of my fascinations may seem a bit silly to local Chinese. Regardless, I was super excited to find a collapsable plastic fork packaged with my cup of noodles! I’m curious though, why a fork over chopsticks…? (apologies for the poor quality pics)

handlebar covers keep hands warm

It’s cold in Beijing, but the easiest way to get around is still on a bike. Many of the bikes and mopeds have these handlebar covers that keep those hands warm during a cold winter ride. I thought it funny to come across the Canadian company to sell the BarBra. Have they copied the idea from […]