china boy

Eating his noodle-lunch and checking his cell phone… at age… 7-ish? Adorable.

don’t obey the signs

I guess the signs are only suggestions… “Step Off” is not really enforced: Nanjing, China

dunkin’ donuts copycat

The US’s Dunkin Donuts looks like it has a Chinese counterpart “Sweety Donuts”. Same color scheme, same font! It’s too bad we had just finished dinner before coming across this shop, otherwise, I would have tried the donuts for a comparison as well! Suzhou, China

Happy May! Happy world expo!

The Shanghai World Expo opens today! I’ve been looking forward to making a trip of my own.. and excited to see what people have to say :) Some great photos from The Big Picture: “Visitors walk past the illuminated Expo Axis of Sunshine Valley on the first day of the trial run of the 2010 […]

photography: ordinary Chinese laborers

Documentary photos of the life and work of ordinary Chinese laborers are exhibited by Jiang Lingda, a freelance photographer in Shanghai over the span of nine years. Coming to China as a foreigner, many times we overlook the standard way of life here (or as you may see in some of my posts, finding the ordinary […]

photo documentary by Lu Guang: Pollution in China

Lu Guang (卢广) from People’s Republic of China won the $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his documentary project “Pollution in China.” Sad, depressing, and beautiful. More images via ChinaHush I understand, now. My first day in Beijing was a hazy one:

‘Neighborhood Gem Project’

It’s the last day to submit a contribution for the Neighborhood’s Gem Project at Good in collaboration with Pictory. After arriving to Beijing and being a little homesick, I’m happy to have submitted :) I hope my photo makes the cut! It’s great to see a compilation of local neighborhood sites with emphasis on the importance of […]

Happy New Year! (Chinese New Year, that is)

Good-bye year of the Cow…Happy year of the Tiger! Coincidently, the Lunar New Year falls on the American Valentine’s Day of February 14th this year. I won’t be spending the day with family; instead, this morning, I’m off to Vancouver with a someone-special to explore and enjoy the Winter Olympics! We don’t have tickets to […]

Overdue Flickr Uploads

A few photos from my last trip to Asia back in December (Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan). City life, cramped spaces, the old with the new, and modernization… aahh yes, I love the contrast of lifestyles. via Wandering Along the Way Flickr Album

Beijing’s Hutongs: I can’t wait

I have yet to do much research into my stay in Beijing; all I know is that everyone who has been to this historical city, tells me that I MUST take a look and explore the Hutongs of Beijing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if much still exists after making room for the 2008 Summer Olympics. […]