square coke bottle concept

Who doesn’t like greener products? Here’s a student’s concept for a greener soda bottle: via theBigPicture and see Coke’s bottle evolution here.

edible spray paint

Here’s a way to do a little something different to surprise the guests at your next dinner party: Bling out your food with Korefe‘s edible Silver and Gold spray paint! Brilliant! ;) via DesignVerb

trash collector

This is a pretty handy trash receptacle.. the worker can wheel the container or carry it on their shoulder, like a bag. And the lid automatically opens because it’s secured to the handle, which makes it easy to sweep trash and debris. I wonder what would be different about this scene if the product were […]

cute bike

Just made me squeal like a teenie-bopper :)

restaurant buzzer

Many of the restaurants here have call bells at the table with corresponding buttons to call for waitstaff service. I’m not sure if it allows for better or worse service. The ‘ding-ding-dong’ sound can be easily ignored, making it difficult for customers to get service. Or it can be great, attentive service when needed as […]

renren.. china’s fb

I’m slowly learning about some local, Chinese sties. One of which is RenRen .. and I’m debating if I should make an account to see what it’s all about. I’m afraid that my level of Chinese literacy is not quite up to par yet… Anyone have any RenRen vs. Facebook comparisons? thanks to my new friend […]

living hinge fork

I’m starting to realize that some of my fascinations may seem a bit silly to local Chinese. Regardless, I was super excited to find a collapsable plastic fork packaged with my cup of noodles! I’m curious though, why a fork over chopsticks…? (apologies for the poor quality pics)

coke bottles

Before I left Boston, I was at the ICA for the Damien Ortega exhibit. I totally loved the “120 days” coke bottles. The shapes, forms, details of manipulation in this collection were amazing to look at, not to mention the shadows cast from the clear glass. And so whimsical at the same time! Ortega’s experimentation transforms the coke bottle […]

chinese fire hydrant

I don’t understand how the fire hydrant can be underground.. won’t it take too long to get the water if there’s an actual fire? Very likely that I’m missing something… Anyone have any insight?

handlebar covers keep hands warm

It’s cold in Beijing, but the easiest way to get around is still on a bike. Many of the bikes and mopeds have these handlebar covers that keep those hands warm during a cold winter ride. I thought it funny to come across the Canadian company to sell the BarBra. Have they copied the idea from […]

water bottles galore, part 2

I recently posted an image of the many options for bottled water in China. This 4.5Liter bottle is interesting for a completely different reason. There are many bottles, or jugs, blow-molded with the handle as part of the mold, for example: WatsonsWater, on the other-hand, has decided to make the handle from a completely separate piece of plastic, […]

fooled by look-alike packaging

Wrigley’s, you fooled me! The green label made me automatically think the flavor would be mint. Instead, I opened the package to find an intensely floral taste in my mouth. Ahhh.. I see, the top of the cap says “herbal” and the side has photos of flowers. Fooled. And not enjoying this gum flavor at […]

Reclaimed Wine Barrels as Furniture

Not all that environmentally friendly when the Etsy seller StilNovoDesign imports reclaimed materials from France to manufacture furniture in California. Beautiful work, nonetheless. via IDSA Materials and Processes

Moleskine’s Beijing City Notebook

I got a little going away gift in preparation for my Beijing departure from my good friend over at Moto and Design. Can’t wait to put it to good use! There are a variety of useful references included among the blank pages for note-taking or journal writing. I’ve always been a fan of Moleskines, and usually […]

Looking forward to Vancouver!

With a nice list from the NYTimes and DesignWeek Vancouver, I’m sure that I’ll wish I had more than a week to eat my way through the city! I had heard that there’s a great deal of Asian food in Vancouver, but I had no idea that it was to such a great extent. I’ll let you […]

GreenPolice: Audi commercial

Audi’s GreenPolice commercial from this past Sunday’s Superbowl: You can’t deny the brilliance behind this commercial. It’s great marketing, pulling at your conscience and connecting to green-concious consumers.

visual trip organizer: Duffel Up

I’ve been doing some house keeping and came across this site that I bookmarked a while ago: Duffle Up. It reminds me of the favorite note taking/keeping app Evernote, but catered towards traveling and collaborating on trips or events. Interesting spin. Has anyone ever used Duffle Up? Or heard of it?