DWR: lighting

There’s something very interesting and modern about these partially handblown lights. I can’t pinpoint what it is that I like about them, perhaps it’s the organic shape or the interesting contrast of lamp flowing into itself…regardless, I want! Though the phallic-ness could get a bit disturbing after a while.. via DesignWithinReach


I know it’s the middle of summer and the last thing on our mind is cold hands, but these “ordinary mittens” are adorable and thoughtful! I’m not sure who makes them, but I love them! No worries about loosing your kids’ mittens and encourage them to hold your hand while crossing the street… simple and […]

Swiss Army BBQ utensil

Summer is BBQ season! This 3 in 1 fork, knife, spatula is a swiss-army knife for barbeques: It looks a bit clunky if you ask me with what looks like simply stamped Stainless Steel parts. I wonder how good it really works or if gunk will get stuck in the hinge from all the sauce […]

melting LED lightbulbs

A subtle and poetic reminder of energy waste… (looks a bit like melting ice-cream too!.. maybe I’m just always thinking about food.) Each time you’d switch these melting LED bulb lamps on, you’d be reminded of the unnecessary energy being wasted, killing our fine world. Keita Ogawa’s concept isn’t available to buy yet, but is […]

Sushi Popper reinvents “sushi”

Sushi Popper, a mix between the Flinstone’s Push Up ice-cream and traditional Japanese rice snack, Onigiri. Onigiri, rice balls wrapped in seaweed with various (non-sushi) stuffings, are often sold in convenience stores for Japanese fast food eating. Looks like Sushi Popper has re-invented Japanese food for a mass market at $29.95 for a 6 pack. I […]

anywhere: a travel guide

Magda Lipka Falck’s project, for the 2010 degree exhibition of Stockholm’s art and design school Konstfack, examines the idea of travel books. Titled “Anywhere—A Travel Guide” Falck allows for journeys of all sorts: across the globe, around the block, or within ourselves. Free of acknowledging any specific place she has “created a travel guide that is situated somewhere in […]

Scooter Armor

Marc Graells, inspired by animals with natural defenses like an armadillo, proposes a new type of protection and anti-theft alarm for the scooter: Protect 486. Protect 486 is an anti-theft armor with burglar alarm, and also protecting your scooter from sunshine and rainwater. It would certainly be an interesting site to see multiples of these […]

‘IronMan2’ costume is 3D printed

All along I’m sure we all assumed that the costume for IronMan2 was a result of amazing costume design or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), but the IronMan2 costume is evidence that shows just how far along technology and 3D printing has come. That’s right. The IronMan2 costume is a rapid 3D prototype, easily replicated and […]

I want: Chinese Military Shovel

As multi-function as a Swiss Army knife! On a larger scale. – shovel, dig, cut and chop, saw, peel, measure, climb, hammer and much much more… – 铲(chan3),挖(wa1),砍(kan3),锯(ju4),削(xiao1),量(liang2),攀(pan1),锤(chui2)…

Tedtalk: Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense

Amazing wearable device from MIT media lab that allows you to interact with your environment in ways we all dream about.. take photos with hand gestures, find out information about products you’re buying on the spot, get up to date flight information and news! My description does no justice, just watch the 9 min video […]

elastic water

95% water and 2 grams of clay. Elastic water, a new substance invented by researchers at Tokyo University, is a jelly-like substance made up of 95% water along with two grams of clay and a small amount of organic materials. As is, the all-natural substance is perfect for medical procedures, because it’s made of water, poses no […]


Who doesn’t love bacon?!!? Clever. via Blankanvas

new gift trends: mini gardens

Growing gardens dioramas seems be a new trend: “Plant your love, let it grow” when you buy a pre-cut book and some seeds to plant your own garden. It’s certainly a great way of bringing the outside in and possibly a good DIY project. via my NanLuoGuXiang visit Similarly, have a look at Postcarden‘s cards: After setting up […]

packaging: origami soap

Lovely! To coincide with its 20th birthday, Compagnie de Provence has added a substantial 180g version of its iconic vegetable soaps to the ranks. Each bar, made according to Marseille tradition from local natural ingredients, comes with a tiny instruction card so that once undone, its wrapper can be transformed into an ocean-inspired piece of […]

a sponge for your wine glasses

I’ve been aching to host a dinner party lately, but living in a space that’s 8ft x 10ft (2.4meters x 3meters) makes it a bit difficult! hahaha. Regardless, Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponges are a very practically designed for your post-dinner party cleaning! via SwissMiss

hang your umbrella here

This umbrella rack was in a restaurant to that keep your umbrella safe while you dine. Meeting a need:

this city needs a bike rental system

It’s been about 2 months since I’ve arrived in this sprawling city of Beijing. I find myself keeping quite active with exploring and meeting some great people. Though, I continually wish for a more walkable city and more manageable scale. I wonder how long it will take me to fully adjust, or if I will. […]


Playing cards dedicated to no other typeface than Helvetica. So Swiss and so lovely. via CoolMaterial

clever pottery: coffee mugs

A clever way to keep the spoon out of the way when trying to drink from your mug! (But does the handle of the spoon get wet from liquid dripping?) Lovely, regardless, for the novelty.

graphics + fashion: thething

Founded in 2005, a local Chinese graphics and t-shirt company called thething has some unique streetwear graphics. I like. Our goal is to design clothing and products that are innovative and aspirational, yet affordable. The inspiration for our designs comes from our daily lives and we try to infuse each product with a unique sense of style and […]