clever advertisements on buildings

Oddee‘s post of 10 clever ads on buildings made me think about the number of advertisements I filter out, particularly in China with all its saturation of lights and colorful billboards. As we consumers continue to filter out advertisements, ads are becoming more clever in order to grab attention. Have a look at a few posted from Oddee:

pop-up shop: Hong Kong’s GOD

Pop-up shops are really starting to catch on. One of my favorite, local Hong Kong shops, Goods of Desire has opened a pop-up shop at the Peak in Hong Kong with some pretty sweet deals. Let me know if you have a chance to check it out and find something good!

GreenPolice: Audi commercial

Audi’s GreenPolice commercial from this past Sunday’s Superbowl: You can’t deny the brilliance behind this commercial. It’s great marketing, pulling at your conscience and connecting to green-concious consumers.