Art of Print: an afternoon at Wai Che Printing Company

Back in August of this year, a RISD friend invited me to one of their alumni events here in Hong Kong. It was called “Word Jamming” at Wai Che Printing Company (伟志印务公司) — translation is “great aspiration printing company” — and we went to visit the old, Chinese print shop in Sheung Wan. At Wai […]

should you design for free?

As I’ve recently been grappling with some brainstorm sessions and possible side projects, this is a nice reminder indeed! Take a look at this flow chart from Jessica Hische at shouldiworkforfree to help you decide too: via designsojourn

East and West: packaging differences

The Shanghai based branding firm Labbrand reviews the impact of packaging design on business in a cultural context, particularly in China. Product brand managers need to pay special consideration to how their consumers view color, materials, images and typefaces, while considering the contrasts between Chinese and Western markets. Packaging design and color has a a big […]

AT&T: ‘handmade’ advertisements

These posters are some very creative AT&T cell phone advertisements, using only a phone and painted hands that represent a place or object significant to a worldwide location. I wonder who did these and if the series is a concept or if this campaign of “Best Coverage Worldwide” has already been launched…? As beautiful as […]

great logos have a message

This collection of logos at DevSnippets goes beyond typographic aesthetics; they successfully communicate a visual message about the company. Simply lovely designs! Check out some more via DevSnippets

playful food packaging

This line of packaging is so fun! The playful nature of the graphics makes me want to imitate the characters on the packaging: “nom nom nom..” An absolutely adorable range by Finland based Hasan & Partners. via theDieline

iPhone drawings by Kristofer Storm

With all the talk of the launch of Apple’s new iPad, here’s an interesting project by artist Kristofer Strom with a blog and a new drawing each day from his iPhone. via CreativeReview

bathroom icons

Usually toilets stick with just 1 icon, but at Vancouver’s BC Place Stadium, they’ve decided to emphasize variety with the use of 6 different icons for the women’s toilet. Oddly retro.. maybe it’s the use of the lime-green color?

clever advertisements on buildings

Oddee‘s post of 10 clever ads on buildings made me think about the number of advertisements I filter out, particularly in China with all its saturation of lights and colorful billboards. As we consumers continue to filter out advertisements, ads are becoming more clever in order to grab attention. Have a look at a few posted from Oddee:

wanderlust posters

Wonderful Wanderlust graphic posters of  the 7 continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, South America, North America, Australia and Europe. I want! via JoshSpear

camouflage tree

Literally. Sooo… this IS a natural pattern! VERY COOL.


Playing cards dedicated to no other typeface than Helvetica. So Swiss and so lovely. via CoolMaterial

graphics + fashion: thething

Founded in 2005, a local Chinese graphics and t-shirt company called thething has some unique streetwear graphics. I like. Our goal is to design clothing and products that are innovative and aspirational, yet affordable. The inspiration for our designs comes from our daily lives and we try to infuse each product with a unique sense of style and […]

calligraphy strokes

I’m taking a calligraphy class in addition to the Chinese I’m learning. Step one: brush stroke sequence and direction. It’s very difficult to control the brush in the exact directions as shown..!

human body subway map

Fun perspective on the human body and its different systems (e.g. arterial, digestive, musculetal, respiratory, etc.) by Sam Loman. via Good via CoolHunting

No Littering, Vendors, Begging, Pets

Some interesting notices in the Beijing Subway: No Littering, No Vendors, No Begging, No Pets. Was this instituted because of the Olympics 2 years ago? What would the subway be like if these notices weren’t posted?? Filled with all of the above? And not so clean..