CMF Trend Research | Vintage Luxury

Extensive Trend Research for home decor and seasonal outdoors. Surface Pattern Designs for US retail clients reflect current market trends.

Vintage Garden Pinwheel Stake
Pier1 Imports Trend Research



Vintage Trend Research and Application

Natural colors and pastels look like faded patterns of floral and antiqued finish. Materials such as wood and ceramic have uneven finishes for a rustic, worn aesthetic. Tinted glass and painted metal provide an aged look. Combined materials and repurposed products add a DIY and flea market feel.


Vintage Trends CMF Surface Pattern Trend Research

The Vintage theme is applied and carried to all product lines.
With use of recycled materials, the push to reuse second-hand items, and growing popularity offlea markets, “Vintage” has takenhold of all areas, including: home decor, furnishings, and seasonal outdoor products. 


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