Trend Research & Application | S/S Bold

Extensive Color & Trend Research for home decor and seasonal outdoors for Spring. Surface Pattern Designs for US retail clients reflect current market trends.

Bold, Vibrant Trend Research and Application – Spring Seasonal

Tiffany Wan Designer Bold Color Trend_Surface Pattern Trend Research

Bold graphics and brightly colored prints are embraced. Modern and organic forms, along with layered patterns help define the optimistic and dynamic nature. Inspired from a vibrant Mother Nature for a sense of seasonal fun.

Bold, Vibrant Camp – Summer Seasonal

Trend Research Sports Chairs Collection

Tiffany Wan_ Surface Pattern Design_Camp Chairs Trend Research

The Bold, Exciting theme is applied and carried to all product lines.
Bold patterns and high contrast colors are a dramatic shift from the norm. Embracing artistic creation and global heritage have resulted vibrant applications to home decor, furnishings, and seasonal outdoor products.  


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