Logo & Brand Identity | Citizen Science Asia

Brand and identity development through Logo Design. Development of a logo to be applied in various uses that provides flexibility for storytelling and long term use.

CitizenScience.Asia – A local community within a global network

CitizenScience.Asia brings together citizen science projects and practitioners in Hong Kong, and across Asia. It was conceived to address the lack of a unified representation for the region when amongst global discussions about the field. The community promotes the concept of citizen science and facilitates dialogue between researchers, citizens, and communicators across different projects within the region.


The CitizenScience.Asia mark is inspired by earth. The circle represents the globe, along with nature. The importance of movement and collaboration is communicated with smaller pieces work together to form the whole. Varying circles represent flexibility to best solve problems. The mark can be used in various forms of animation, and modified for specific communication needs as a recognizable form.


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