Brand Development | Rendezvous Eje Origins

Brand and identity development through Brand, Logo, and Packaging Design. Graphic design includes identity guidelines to ensure consistency and to protect the integrity of the brand as applied to packaging.

Rendezvous Eje Origins – Colombian coffee

“Rendezvous Eje Origins offers an exquisite coffee experience, crowned by over 300 years of cultivating and roasting mastery from the renowned EJE Region. We partner with master coffee roasters of the finest Colombian coffee beans to provide a rare specialty coffee. Our beans are harvested at ideal elevations with optimal soil qualities and climate, that only the Colombian Andes Mountain provides.
Never blends, simply a superior origin coffee!”




The brand colors come from the term “black gold”, not referring to colors, but to currency in the South American coffee region.

Form & Intent:
The Eje Coffee region in Colombia, South America is on a geographic axis, shaped like a triangle. The simple, strong mark represent the geometric shape of the region. The colors show a timeless elegance important to the client’s brief, and reinforces the specialty coffee brand.

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