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Kowloon Tong Cafe logo design

Brand and identity development through Logo Design. Graphic design includes identity guidelines to ensure consistency and to protect the integrity of the brand.

Kowloon Tong Cafe – Hong Kong style teahouse & snacks

Milk tea in Saigon, made with passion from Hong Kong.
Fresh, made-to-order Hong Kong-style milk tea is the feature of the menu, along with Hong Kong egg waffles. What is Hong Kong-style milk tea? The Hong Kong-style milk tea at Kowloon Tong Teahouse is made from a secret black tea recipe with special evaporated milk. Originating from the British colonial rule of Hong Kong, the silk stocking (sackcloth bag) filtered tea has a unique, rich and silky flavor. It is unlike all other teas! Kowloon Tong shares Hong Kong milk tea and egg waffles with everyone, in Saigon and beyond. 


Kowloon Tong Cafe Storefront logo design


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