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Co-Design_Design Research_Operating Room Socket

Full product development from concept to manufacture. The combination of observational design research, doctor testing, prototype iterations and feedback, along with high quality control led to complete product line success and two design patents.

design research_Opearating Room Sockets

Operating Room_Design Research

design research_Opearating Room Sockets

In the operating theater of hospitals, nurses work long hours. The work is physically demanding: being on their feet during operations, moving and positioning patients who are under anesthesia, and adjusting heavy, cumbersome devices.

A considerate design through ethnographic design research and close collaboration with healthcare professionals in the operating room, the Freedom OR Sockets contributes to an improved, healthier work environment. The product line facilitates the work of the medical staff during patient positioning in the operating room, and also re-enforces the brand of AliMed, Inc.


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