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Print Design for Books & Publications: graphic layout, surface pattern, usability as cookbooks.
Client: ThingsAsian Press

Chopstick Cinema: Exploring Asian Food and Film

Chopstick Cinema Cover_ThingsAsian

Cover and Book design by Tiffany Wan_ThingsAsian

This book shows how to explore ten exciting countries of Asia—no passport necessary. With easy-to-follow recipes for dishes usually found only in restaurants, suggestions for movies so  good that they almost don’t need subtitles, and mouthwatering photographs of delectable meals, Celeste Heiter shows how to have a variety of unforgettable evenings that bring the far corners of Asia to American households.

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Ginger Salad and Water Wafers: Recipes from Myanmar

Photography, Cover and Book Design:
Travel photographs highlight life in Myanmar (Burma) which accompany traditional Burmese dishes and recipes.

Ginger Salad and Water Wafers Cover_ThingsAsian

About the photographer:
Tiffany is passionate about travel, culture, and food. She wanders streets –home and abroad– to get lost, soak in local cultures, people watch, and take photos. Tiffany obtained her first camera at the age of 8, by saving the tickets from arcade games.
During Tiffany’s first visit to Myanmar, the impression that the country left on her was like no other place she’d been before. In Myanmar were the “nicest people” she’d ever met, flavors and spices she’d never smelled or tasted, and breath-taking ruins left untouched in the country-side. Tiffany was born and raised in the US; she is a designer in Hong Kong.


Photography and Design by Tiffany Wan_ThingsAsian

Myanmar is a land with strong cultural traditions and a long history and civilization. In spite of being situated between India and China, its cuisine has little to do with that of either country. The rich variety of Myanmar food is presented in this book, with 101 recipes ranging from Well-Behaved Pickled Fish to Golden Rice, Silver Rice. A comprehensive glossary of essential ingredients and where to buy them makes exploring this little-known cuisine as easy as it is tempting.

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