ThingsAsian Press_Book Designs

Book & Publication Design | ThingsAsian Press

Print Design for Books & Publications: graphic layout, surface pattern, usability as cookbooks. Client: ThingsAsian Press Chopstick Cinema: Exploring Asian Food and Film This book shows how to explore ten exciting countries of Asia—no passport necessary. With easy-to-follow recipes for dishes usually found only in restaurants, suggestions for movies so  good that they almost don’t […]

Packaging Design Rhoede

Packaging Design | Rhoede

Packaging & Graphic Design that communicates simple, beauty to reflect the Rhoede brand. A minimal and simple packaging design for a men’s high-end underwear line. Rhoede is a men’s underwear brand that is simple and easy. Using the highest quality Pima cotton, Rhoede products are crafted for men who care about what they wear. Simply perfect underwear from is […]

Co-Design_Design Research_Operating Room Socket

Research & Co-Design | Freedom OR Sockets

Full product development from concept to manufacture. The combination of observational design research, doctor testing, prototype iterations and feedback, along with high quality control led to complete product line success and two design patents. In the operating theater of hospitals, nurses work long hours. The work is physically demanding: being on their feet during operations, moving and positioning patients […]

Brand Development | Rendezvous Eje Origins

Brand and identity development through Brand, Logo, and Packaging Design. Graphic design includes identity guidelines to ensure consistency and to protect the integrity of the brand as applied to packaging. Rendezvous Eje Origins – Colombian coffee “Rendezvous Eje Origins offers an exquisite coffee experience, crowned by over 300 years of cultivating and roasting mastery from the renowned EJE Region. […]

Tiffany Wan Illustration_Wanderlab_HK Market Kickstarter

Illustrations | Kickstarter

Inspired by a love for travel and the local street markets in Hong Kong, an illustration series resulted as printed posters & card. The illustrations were created to celebrate and to share a piece of a city now called home. Initially supported on Kickstarter.   Kickstarter success! Hong Kong Market illustrations and prints are now available for purchase:   < Back […]

WanderlabDesigns_Website Design

UX & Art Direction | Websites

Art director to maintain brand identity and image consistency. Developed interface and menu navigation to ensure User-Experience.   One Earth Designs (OED) WanderlabDesigns    < Back to Projects

Kowloon Tong Cafe logo design

Logo & Identity | Kowloon Tong Cafe

Brand and identity development through Logo Design. Graphic design includes identity guidelines to ensure consistency and to protect the integrity of the brand. Kowloon Tong Cafe – Hong Kong style teahouse & snacks Milk tea in Saigon, made with passion from Hong Kong. Fresh, made-to-order Hong Kong-style milk tea is the feature of the menu, along with […]

Logo & Brand Identity | Citizen Science Asia

Brand and identity development through Logo Design. Development of a logo to be applied in various uses that provides flexibility for storytelling and long term use. CitizenScience.Asia – A local community within a global network CitizenScience.Asia brings together citizen science projects and practitioners in Hong Kong, and across Asia. It was conceived to address the lack […]

Branding, Marketing, Website | YOGAWAY

Branding, Marketing, and Web design for Yogaway – yoga retreat. Yogaway – Sporting Republic Yoga Retreat    < Back to Projects

Event Production | Sporting Republic

Branding, graphic design, and production to enhance the consumer experience. Various collateral, entitlements, props, and on-site production created for sports and events. Event Production & Design – Sporting Republic, and various clients   < Back to Projects

Graphic Design | Marketing Collateral & Promotion

Graphic and Communications Design for marketing and promotional print materials: Postcards, Brochure, Advertisements. Calico House, Boutique Hotel | Promotional Postcards   Individual postcards for the promotion of Calico House.   One Earth Designs (OED) | Company Brochure Cards Versatile marketing & promotion: 7 individual cards, combined as a brochure, or electronic presentation.   US Airways | […]

Logo & Graphic Design | Hoi An Running Co.

Brand development through Logo Design. Graphic design of a logo to be applied in various uses, particularly apparel. Hoi An Running Co. – Run Club The primary logo draws from the historic buildings of the UNESCO neighborhood of Hoi An, Vietnam. Secondary color options reflect the dynamic nature of Hoi An Running Co.    < Back to Projects

SolSource_One Earth Designs_Design Research

Design & Ethnographic Research | OED SolSource

Design Research: 3 months of in-depth, on-site research, surveys, and community engagement inform the design outcome of the SolSource solar cooker. On the Himalayan Plateau, a primary fuel source for families to cook and heat their homes is animal dung – one of the dirtiest fuels in the world. Burning dung leads to respiratory health […]

One Earth Designs_Water Carrier Prototype

Prototype & Concept Development | OED Water Carrier

Concept and prototype development for rigorous field testing in rural China.  On the Himalayan Plateau, women must travel long distances o fetch water for the household. Traditional methods of carrying water cause a number of long term health concerns. By working the the local communities, a new carrying device could be tested.  < Back to […]

Equifit Equine Chiller UI_Render

User Interface Design (UI) | Equifit Equine Therapy

User interface and product development for equine therapy product.   Horses are professional athletes; they work hard to race, perform, and show at their best. Their muscles, joints, and tendons need to be treated as such. In addition to post-injury therapy, care with preventative therapy is required. The Cube Chiller introduces an improvement to existing […]

Infographic Communications Design marketing

Communications Design | Infographics

Communications Design: Present key information that is clearly communicated, visually compelling, and engaging. The Insurance Mole – Marketing Persona Profile   Runners’ Guide – Vertical Race Times    < Back to Projects

Illustration & Logo | Swing Dance Event

Brand development through Logo Design. Graphic design of a logo to be applied in various uses, particularly apparel. VLX Lindy Exchange – Event Logo (Swing Dance)    < Back to Projects

CMF Trend Research | Vintage Luxury

Extensive Trend Research for home decor and seasonal outdoors. Surface Pattern Designs for US retail clients reflect current market trends. Vintage Garden Pinwheel Stake     Vintage Trend Research and Application Natural colors and pastels look like faded patterns of floral and antiqued finish. Materials such as wood and ceramic have uneven finishes for a rustic, […]

Graphics | Home Wall Decor

Illustrations and product line development for US retail brands: home & wall decor. Wall Decor    < Back to Projects

Trend Research & Application | S/S Bold

Extensive Color & Trend Research for home decor and seasonal outdoors for Spring. Surface Pattern Designs for US retail clients reflect current market trends. Bold, Vibrant Trend Research and Application – Spring Seasonal Bold graphics and brightly colored prints are embraced. Modern and organic forms, along with layered patterns help define the optimistic and dynamic nature. Inspired […]