Flickr uploads: the Great Wall

During the long weekend of QingMing back in early April, I camped and hiked on the Great Wall (长城, Chángchéng) with schoolmates. Yup, camped. We stayed overnight in one of the barracks/watchtowers which is rented out by a local businessman from the Great Wall. He provided us with a delicious feast for dinner cooked by his wife, […]

random photo: Hangzhou

I was just reflecting on a recent trip I took with some schoolmates to Hangzhou during the May 1st holiday. And here’s one of many photos from the trip, though as always, looking to find the time to edit and post the remaining photos… Our trip to Hangzhou was oddly perfectly (un)planned… trying to save […]


When I first think of ‘Chinglish,’ I imagine a language that uses both English and Chinese words to communicate, but a recent article from the NewYork Times discusses ‘Chinglish’ as a language incorporating culture (and not just words), specifically in relation to signage in order to accomodate foreigners’ visit to the Shanghai World Expo. “The […]

china boy

Eating his noodle-lunch and checking his cell phone… at age… 7-ish? Adorable.

Flickr uploads: a local Hutong

I spent an early morning wandering a local Hutong a couple weeks ago.. Although I wasn’t able to capture it on camera, it was great to watch people start their mornings: brushing their teeth on the streets together, trash collectors starting off their mornings, children walking to school or waiting for the bus, elderly walking […]

Happy May! Happy world expo!

The Shanghai World Expo opens today! I’ve been looking forward to making a trip of my own.. and excited to see what people have to say :) Some great photos from The Big Picture: “Visitors walk past the illuminated Expo Axis of Sunshine Valley on the first day of the trial run of the 2010 […]

old man playing Chinese chess

Randomly strolling through a neighborhood, I found some old men playing Chinese chess, as they often do in parks. I’m amazed at how active the Chinese are at old age, from dancing groups, martial arts, and card or chess games…all done in the local parks. I wonder about the stories they have to tell and […]

Cherry Blossoms

A few photos from YuYuanTan Park (玉渊潭公园) this weekend:

tourists posing

It’s always a funny site to see tourists posing with monuments :) And I’ll be first to admit that I do the same. Even more entertaining is that the 2 couples were nearly on top of each other, attempting to take the same photo!

photography: ordinary Chinese laborers

Documentary photos of the life and work of ordinary Chinese laborers are exhibited by Jiang Lingda, a freelance photographer in Shanghai over the span of nine years. Coming to China as a foreigner, many times we overlook the standard way of life here (or as you may see in some of my posts, finding the ordinary […]

photo documentary by Lu Guang: Pollution in China

Lu Guang (卢广) from People’s Republic of China won the $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his documentary project “Pollution in China.” Sad, depressing, and beautiful. More images via ChinaHush I understand, now. My first day in Beijing was a hazy one:

‘Neighborhood Gem Project’

It’s the last day to submit a contribution for the Neighborhood’s Gem Project at Good in collaboration with Pictory. After arriving to Beijing and being a little homesick, I’m happy to have submitted :) I hope my photo makes the cut! It’s great to see a compilation of local neighborhood sites with emphasis on the importance of […]

Shanghai: no pajamas in public

The Chinese are trying to become more ‘Westernized’? Or ‘modernized’? Instead of accepting pajamas in public as part of the culture and allowing foreigners to see a different lifestyle, is Shanghai attempting to suppress the daily living habits of their local citizens? The wearing of colorful, boldly-printed pajamas in public has been popular in the […]

Happy New Year! (Chinese New Year, that is)

Good-bye year of the Cow…Happy year of the Tiger! Coincidently, the Lunar New Year falls on the American Valentine’s Day of February 14th this year. I won’t be spending the day with family; instead, this morning, I’m off to Vancouver with a someone-special to explore and enjoy the Winter Olympics! We don’t have tickets to […]

Overdue Flickr Uploads

A few photos from my last trip to Asia back in December (Hong Kong and Taipei, Taiwan). City life, cramped spaces, the old with the new, and modernization… aahh yes, I love the contrast of lifestyles. via Wandering Along the Way Flickr Album

Beijing’s Hutongs: I can’t wait

I have yet to do much research into my stay in Beijing; all I know is that everyone who has been to this historical city, tells me that I MUST take a look and explore the Hutongs of Beijing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if much still exists after making room for the 2008 Summer Olympics. […]